Employee Questions and Answers
Once your card is activated, your employer will remit value to your card account representing pay due to you. You can use your card to make purchases anywhere this Visa card is accepted – millions of merchants worldwide – or withdraw cash from ATM’s displaying the Visa logo (or CIRRUS logos for some cards).

Balance and transaction details are available to you electronically or through an 800 number listed below, or optionally through a mailed statement. If you have questions about the card or its use, go to www.payment-card.com or call 1-888-621-1397.

Who has access to my card information?

The card and funds are in your name and the information is held in confidence for your access, through use of your PIN or password. Your employer only remits money to your card. Your employer has no responsibility for the card, or for your use of the card. You may continue to keep and use your Payment Card after your relationship with your employer has ended. Please call 1-205-871-6144.

How do I get funds placed on the card?

Once you activate your card, your employer will load your payroll funds to your card account instead of issuing you a check.

What do I do if the card is declined?

This means that the amount authorized by the merchant is more than the remaining card balance plus any associated fee.

Can I use my Payment Card for automatic recurring payments?

Yes, but recurring payments can be a problem and result in service being discontinued if a payment is declined due to insufficient funds on the card.

Is the Payment Card a credit card?

No, the Payment Card is a pre-funded card. However, when used for purchases at a merchant it requires your signature. Merchants with the INTERLINK symbol will allow you to purchase using your 4-digit PIN number like a debit card. Also, you can use your Payment Card at ATMs with the VISA logo (or CIRRUS logos for some cards).

How can I check the balance on my card?

You can check your balance on-line at www.payment-card.com, or call 888-621-1397.

If the purchase is for more than my balance in the card, can I pay the difference?

Yes, you can pay the difference between the purchase price and the remaining value of the Payment Card if the merchant will allow this type of transaction.

Can I use my card to get cash from ATMs?

Yes. By using your PIN number, you can get cash from ATM’s anywhere you see a VISA (or CIRRUS for some cards) symbol displayed on the ATM. Typically there will be a charge by the ATM owner for using this ATM. A list of “no surcharge” ATMs is available at www.payment-card.com.

Can I get Cash Back with purchases?

Yes, but only if the merchant is an INTERLINK merchant and only if the merchant allows this type of transaction.

Do I need a PIN number to use my card?

No. You can use your card anywhere and sign the receipt just like a Visa credit card transaction. However, you will need your PIN for ATM transactions and you can use your PIN with INTERLINK merchants for purchase transactions.

Can I use my Payment Card at “pay at the pump” gasoline stations?

Yes, but this may result in “transaction declined”.

The card terminal in the “pay at the pump” stations automatically checks with the Bank to see if your Payment Card has enough money left to pay for an “average purchase of gas” which varies among merchants. If your Payment Card does not have enough money to pay for an average amount, your attempt to pay at the pump will be declined. The average gas purchase amount changes just as retail gas prices change.

If this occurs, you can go inside and ask the cashier to authorize an amount that is within the remaining balance of your card.

Are there any other merchants where a transaction may be declined?

Merchants whose customers normally “tip” will often obtain an authorization for the amount of the bill plus a percentage for tip prior to bringing the receipt to you for your signature. For authorization, ask the waiter to authorize an amount that is within the remaining balance of your card.

Can I order a second card that has access to my funds?

Yes. go to www.payment-card.com.

Can I load additional funds to the card?

Funds can only be loaded through your employer through direct deposit of payroll into the card account.

What should I do if my Payment Card is lost or stolen?

Immediately notify the issuer by going on-line to www.payment-card.com or call toll free 1-888-621-1397, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or write to: Cardholder Services, P.O. Box 550160, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33355-0160. Customer service representatives to handle this occurrence are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.